Our Own Hillorun

The first Hillorun was ridden on the first Saturday of September 2015. This is an engine organized rally for motorcycles built before the first world war (pre-1915). The name comes from the location Hilloweg 1.

The ride is combined with the Segment Tour that is held on the following Sunday. It Museum and grounds of the Hilloweg are then freely accessible to anyone who wants to come see. The rally is about 75 km. Long and preceded by breakfast, for the participants coffee with a treat, the start, 2 stops and the day will be upon return closed with a barbecue. The number of participants is around 40-50 motorcycles mainly depending on the again. To date, this has resulted in a pleasant weekend with the first guests often already arrive on Friday to arrive at the start relaxed on Saturday. The weekend will be closed on Sunday evening where we, together with the remaining guests enjoy a drink and eat.