About Our Museum


Establishment of our Museum

The love for Belgian motorcycles ran in the family always present. The refurbishment of old motorcycles started in the 1970s. In the In the early 1980s, they started driving classic car rallies. The motorcycle hobby continued to expand and for the first time a private museum was built in Essen.

Hilloweg 1, Kalmthout

A few years later it became too small and was moved to a nearby old one brewery. Bought a house in 2012 with the opportunity to establish a museum there. The museum was recently renovated and expanded again at the end of 2018. The museum now includes a collection of motorcycles mainly from Belgian ones make. Over the years, the museum has increasingly specialized in particular Sarolea. Thanks in part to an avid collector of Sarolea (being the Walter with whom since Built in 1980 and together bought various motorcycles, both for their own collection nowadays also part of this museum) Over the years and visiting many fairs have also created a Castrol collection and are also various loose parts such as lamps, engine blocks, and other parts. To the museum To make it cozy, there are also various original enamel advertising signs. Today this is the largest motorcycle museum in Belgium with the largest Sarolea collection in the world. The museum has a fully furnished cafe with all kinds of advertising material from a distant past.